Urban Jungle Shifters

Fated mates and ancient curses... you know, just your average Tuesday.

Alaskan Shifters

This lost alpha will go head to head with her fated mate to save their pack from outsiders.

THE LOST Rainbow Mage

She's the last of her kind with the power to save the world... or end it.

Secret Academy

Nestled among the hills and forests of rural Georgia, the Secret Academy hides sinister mysteries within its crumbling, ancient walls.

Blood & Shadows

Vampires no longer live in the shadows, but they also aren't the biggest threat to humanity... Something else is.

3 Deadly Gifts

This boring Southern town is about to get much more interesting, thanks to a new psychic shop that’s just opened up down the road.

Boxed Sets

Save big on these special multi-author collections and series bundles.

Bonus Shorts

These bonus novelettes are a fun way to dive deeper into your fave series!